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Adventures with Cassiopaea









Adventures With Cassiopaea

Chapter 11


The two months that Ark was here in early 1997 were packed with interesting events that slowly began to reveal a strange situation that made me rather nervous and still gives me the willies when I think back over it. The Hale Bopp comet was in the sky heralding mass suicide, UFOs were hovering over Arizona, strange people with strange agendas were trying to lure us into traps, and the C's were dropping hints and clues all over the place.

For the first month of his research in Gainesville, we rented an efficiency apartment that specialized in providing housing for visiting professors and researchers. With the USF libraries so handy, I spent most of my time doing research on things the C's had indicated would lead to revelations, keeping a research journal of my findings and thoughts as I worked.

Ark was assigned an office in the Mathematics building, just a hop away from the offices of the colleagues with whom he was working. One of them lent him a bicycle so as to solve the parking problem (there were generally no places to park!) and he enjoyed cycling around the campus for exercise and reflection.

The second month, we were offered a chance to share a larger house that was made available as accommodation for visiting professors. It was located in a wooded area that was very quiet, and this was the primary attraction. The apartment had been in a very noisy location.

There were several other visiting researchers in the math and physics departments, and our host very much enjoyed taking us around to the various restaurants where everyone talked physics and math, and I mostly just listened.

At one point, our host decided that we should all go canoeing on the Ichetucknee river, one of Florida's most scenic rivers with giant Cypress and Live Oak tress, many types of water birds and turtles, and undoubtedly a few alligators lurking, though we didn't see any. Since Ark had spent many hours kayaking when he was growing up, and canoeing had been a popular activity when I was a teen-ager, we found that we were a great team in a canoe, and I am happy to report that we didn't capsize even once! Afterward, we all visited my aunt and uncle who have a large farm near to the river. They were happy to set a table for a phlock of physicists, and the foreign guests very much enjoyed good Southern food and hospitality. On the drive back to Gainesville that evening, we stopped on the side of a dark country road and got out to gaze at the Hale Bopp comet. It was magical.

Meanwhile, strange things were brewing. The Matrix was locked on our frequency and began firing weirdness like heat seeking missiles.

Out of the many strange emails Ark received, among the strangest was one from something called The Institute of New Physics, which proposed to finance Ark to do research in nano-technology. The email had been sent to his institute in Poland from an individual named Sue Brana.

Q: (L) Now, Ark got an email from some organization called The Institute of New Physics, informing him they were financiers, and was he interested in joining? Could you tell us who or what is behind this Institute of New Physics?
A: Well, perhaps it would be better to help you to tell yourselves. Where did the message come from?
Q: (L) We don't know... (A) No, there is something, because there is, some info - GAIN - and I looked on the Web, and there are many institutions which have "Gain," you know, in their name. And I don't know if this is just one... (L) Well, don't you think it's kind of funny that it has "gain" in the name, and you're in Gainesville? (J) Yes, that's what I thought, too... (T) 'WWW dot... well, no it's email, so it would be... (J) Oh, 'gain', and they're financiers...
A: What do financiers do?
Q: (L) What do financiers do? They give you money. They finance you... (J) They help you 'gain'... (L) Yes.
A: Do they do this for no reason...?
Q: (L) Of course they don't do this for no reason! They have an ulterior motive. They want something.
Q: (L) Ahah!? (T) Yes, they're the money store! (L) Well, all right. We'll play it by ear, and see what they want...
A: Do they have an agenda?
Q: (L) Of course! No doubt, they have an agenda. Everybody that's been writing to us lately has an agenda! You know, we've been getting these...
A: What may this be?
Q: (L) Well, their agenda... (J) They want something from him, obviously. (A) When I get back to Poland, they said that they will have some printed material on this New Institute ready, that we could read, that they will send it to me... (T) Where is the New Institute located? They didn't say? (A) No, they didn't say. (J) Ohh, I think you have a right to know that! (L) Well, I'd say, just let it float, and see what they say... (J) They had to wait until you were back in Poland before they'd send you anything? (A) Well, if this is just in the stage of organization, so perhaps, it's a big something, which until now, was working in a certain field, getting money from, I don't know, from something, and now, they want to expand and to invest in nanotechnology, or whatever.
A: When you are getting close to something, there are always those who wish to distract, disrupt and track for later plans... Anything worth getting must be sought.

We decided that we needed to dialogue with Sue Brana, a bit more. During the course of these exchanges, she revealed that one of the groups she represented had financed the writing of the book "Angels Don't Play This HAARP," by Nick Begich. It seems that this was shared in order to suggest to us that they were "good guys" and definitely open to unusual thinking and approaches.

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